Sweetspot Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Portland

605 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101, USA

About Sweetspot Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Portland

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    Daniel Noel
    July 07, 2024

    With such a knowledgeable, engaging and genuinely kind staff….not to mention its large selection of products, I no longer feel the need to go to any other dispensary. Seriously a good spot.

    avery daly
    June 23, 2024

    RECREATIONAL As a first time visitor from MA this dispensary was the first one that felt similar to those back home. The ONLY dispensary that scanned my ID the entire trip I was there (other than maybe 2 other MEDICAL) little walk-through area with lots to look at (ATM also) Smaller sales floor, lots of natural light from the street; with some products behind glass displays. I received a FREE dab mat, lighter, and rolling tray with my purchase! AMAZING info on Terpines; they had a booklet with such great educational information on how terpines affect your high I took it back home with me for my dispensary to refer to!!

    Killian Dearborn
    August 05, 2023

    Great store atmosphere! Very welcoming and knowledgeable Bud buddies looking to help you make the right decision vs. just a quick sale. Competitive prices and great quality products. Will return again!

    Jodie Fedder
    April 28, 2024

    Super staff and great selection! Love the sales! 🤗

    Eoin Trimble
    August 14, 2023

    I noticed Sweet spot while I was waiting for the bus one day and decided to try it out. I went in after my shift and the person who greeted me was very sweet and amicable, very quick with scanning my in and everything and I walked around to check out all the stuff. It's split off so there's a section with merchandise like swag and also some pens and nectar collectors (they have PAX, which is a very well known and respected brand) and then there's a section with all of the cannabis products on display. They all have signs telling you who produced it, how much THC is in it, and even really helpful ones about the effects of the strains! The only downside was that there aren't any prices listed anywhere so you do have to ask about that when you get to the front, so if you are anxious about talking to people or just don't want to be a bother/want to be quick I'd suggest checking for prices online, but honestly even though I tend to be anxious it was really easy and they didn't seem bothered at all, in fact happy to help. In the end I never felt like I was being awkward or troublesome and I had plenty of time to take in the products as i waited to be able to ask about the prices. They also had a good 30% off sale going so I was able to get an eighth and a 100mg drink elixir for $63 and some change. It's a really good deal and everything I got was from local Maine companies. If you feel you'd benefit from having a little guidance and/or just having people who are friendly and willing to help I think this place would definitely be worth checking out, especially since their prices are so good. They're also in a very convenient spot.

    Sweetspot Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Portland

    Our Address

    605 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101, USA

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