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    Jessica Ryder
    June 28, 2023

    I went to Woburn to check out the store and buy some concentrates, it was beautiful inside on rec opening day. I bought an awesome glass piece that caught my eye & in less than 1 month it broke apart at the 14mm fitting. I clean my banger at 125 degrees using q-tips and alcohol. While doing so, my 14mm female on piece it just MELTED feeling like putty just came apart! I use an old school 110v High Five coil eNail…. NO Torch EVER! I was lightly cleaning the banger as I always have at this temp, with a Q-Tip and just spinning the q-tip with my fingers around the banger to clean it. In over 5 years of vaping, I have NEVER come across this. It’s my hope, when I come back in beginning of July to visit family, management will (Please) help me out with a refund/exchange or credit. This piece was BARELY used for less than 30 days and should NOT have melted/crack falling apart at the 14mm fitting, again, while I was lightly cleaning the banger with a Q-tip. I have broken glass pieces of course that were my fault, this isn’t that type of situation. The connections from the base to the top where the 14mm connector gets thinner and weaker as you get closer to the top. After it broke and examining it closer, I can see that it was a weaker part of the glass. No one should be selling pieces that break so easily in less than 30 days ☹. To be continued…….

    Top Review
    November 07, 2023

    Over priced. They still do $50 for 1/8s, real slow pace they need more workers, and after sitting in line for 13 minutes only three people in front of me just to find out I was looking at the medical website the whole time thinking I was going to get something I liked so I couldn’t get it and walked out wasted time they should ask if you want med or rec before you enter the site of the menu

    User User
    June 10, 2023

    I've been to Gardner many times and have been disappointed almost every time. Just visited Woburn had an excellent experience. I will definitely be coming here from now on. Mike "manager" always helps me out and does everything in his power to make things right. A+++ Sanctuary you're going in the right direction Gardner needs to have their staff exchanged they don't seem happy in their job and are rude to customers specifically Vanessa and a heavy set girl who wears way too much eyeshadow.

    Cara Malone
    October 15, 2023

    I have been a frequent customer since it became recreational. Most of the time I see Joe or Alex who are both amazing! They have helped point me in the right direction to get my medical card and always have great recommendations. As of recently, I have been seeing Joe only because Alex has not been there. Joe has great knowledge about everything. And I’ve seen him with other customers and he treats everyone just the same. He’s such a great guy and such a great asset to your company and all-around great customer service. Added to Edit—- Say they close at 10pm and I got there at 9:47 to run in and was denied!! If you close at 10 you close at 10 not 9:45! I was told by the security guard that the manager said to lock the doors at 9:45, that’s a joke!

    October 17, 2023

    Fine dispensary. Prices are absolutely horrendous normally, but there’s usually a few good deals they have offered, as well as a first timer $200 off. Staff are all pretty nice, however a major complaint I have is the wait. I had to wait 25 minutes for 3 people because the medicinal line only has one employee on, while the Rec always has atleast two. Sad to see they prioritize money over assisting people, however this isn’t unusual in massachusetts. Overall would go back again, cartridges and bud are fantastic. Edit: 5 stars now. 50 dollar half oz beats the 2 hour drive up to maine. Only very slight complaint is one of the packages was packaged on May and was still sold. Still should smoke well 🌿

    Sanctuary Medicinals Woburn

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    130 Commerce Way, Woburn, MA 01801, USA

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