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    Dan Thompson
    September 28, 2017

    By far the best dispensary around! Procure has a very knowledgeable staff that are down to earth and not pushy towards any products at all. I drive about an hour or so and will continue to do so because of their exctensive selection of craft quality concentrates and flower at and affordable price!

    Ray Varney
    August 02, 2019

    Alright it's a no brainer! Place has an incredibly comfortable atmosphere, the owners take more care in their patients than I think ive ever seen. They provide all the right info and the product is fire! All the product looks great and works better. So yeah you gotta swing in and check it out!

    Deren Parisi
    August 30, 2019

    My family and I always go to OOB during the summertime; this past July when we were out there a few of us needed to go to the dispensary. Now, let me note, the two years prior it had become a routine to go to the dispensary once out in OOB but this year was different because we came to Procure LTD. Procure LTD is amazing in every way! As I mentioned, it's a family vacation and it wasn't just me that needed to stop.. it was multiple people; And, I don't know about everyone's family, but when it becomes a trip for multiple people there can definitely be some serious stress added! Whether it's splitting the bill, what time or day we'd go, if everyone's going or not, etc etc. Well, to alleviate some of the trouble.. I took it upon myself to call Procure LTD ahead of time. For one, she COMPLETELY understood my call and was willing to be such help; She spent so much time on the phone with me just to answer my questions, give me advice, everything! I've never dealt with anyone better for customer service (in any field) than I did here. She was genuine; with her time, answers, etc. She hadn't looked to get me for all my money which she proved in conversations debating over what I should pick, plus she even threw in a few freebies! She went above and beyond. She was on the phone with me over an hour when she had to call me back because she had customers, Let me repeat that.. she spent OVER AN HOUR on the phone with me before needing to go AND willingly offering to call me back. She had pretty much done everything for me when she had to hang up, but still wanted to call back and make sure I was set up and had all questions answered. Talking to her was easy. I was able to ask my questions, get answers (you could tell she was knowledgeable) and have small talk in between, get additional (maybe even random) opinions on things as well. She called me back within 20-30 minutes assuring that I wasn't cut off or left the call unsure, and then again had another lengthy phone conversation with more help than I could've ever imagined. She was splendid. Beyond! I mean, she helped me figure out which products I wanted and explained everything in such depth where she helped me chose between certain products (even if I wanted them all).. what I mean is, my pockets aren't endless and I wasn't looking to spend a ton, but when you've found multiple products the bill gets higher and higher. Even here, at Procure LTD, where the prices are the best I've ever seen, start picking out 10-20 different items and you've racked up a decent bill. Lol. It happens. But, I ended up with a cartridge for my pen, an eighth of flower and the knowledge and understanding of not just what I bought but what would be good for me in the future. She knew I was a tourist and that my sale that day would be it and didn't push me into anything. Even when I strayed from what I intended to buy, she was just as helpful answering every question and giving suggestions/opinions knowing it wasn't adding to the amount I purchased. So, two separate phone calls all just on understanding the options, tailoring them to me and just talking with me to gain her opinions and insights on everything involved.. I felt like we were friends who'd known each other; she was easy to talk to, I never felt like a bother and she even wanted to call me back when customers came in because she wanted to help.. she had even put everything aside and ready for me when I got there; That saved me the headache of having all that conversation and choosing anything with family around who may want to rush me or interrupt the conversation/questions I had. Next year, when the OOB vacation comes around.. there's no doubt I'll be returning to Procure LTD. It's actually ruined any other dispensaries because no where will be as good. Come on, even "Wicked Fiyah" is brilliant. The product, the service, the design.. all perfect. You can't go wrong going here!

    don driver
    September 29, 2017

    This dispensary is very close to home but more importantly the employees who work here are very informative and friendly! Marley😚 Glad weedmaps added them to the list because their prices are very reasonable! Quality is amazing as well especially those topself concentrate 🤗.

    Ben B
    February 25, 2020

    First impressions last and this one was terrible. showed up at 10:20 AM rang the buzzer 5 times eventually the buzzer told me no one was available to answer, pay in mind there were two vehicles parked in front of the store. Called three times to get a voicemail that was full so guess that's no help. If you want a professional dispensary go to MAC end of story.

    Procure LTD

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    9 Lund Rd, Saco, ME 04072, USA

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