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    Adrian Verdugo
    April 25, 2024

    So I came in on 4/20 to purchase a couple cartridges since they had an amazing deal on them. I ended up choosing two 0.5g carts from Happy Valley since I'm familiar with the brand. They are both live hash rosin carts, made by the same company, however they are completely different and one of them does not even fit/work with my battery (notice the difference between the threads in the pictures). The one that I have been able to use tastes absolutely terrible, the kinda taste when you're hitting an empty cart basically. These factors combined, I'm lead to believe I've actually been sold counterfeit products from a licensed dispensary. Unfortunately in my case, I don't believe I have much recourse for action as I do not have the physical receipt from my purchase (who expects they will need to return a cannabis product?) and I also don't even have an email receipt since I just checked out as a guest. It's hard to tell who the blame should fall on in this scenario, but all around it's just a very unfortunate experience.

    Don Coughlin
    April 20, 2024

    Poor customer service! Won't be back. Very impersonal. You must place your order on an electronic tablet, then you're called over the intercom to pick up your order by a cashier. You don't speak to a budtender for questions or advice. It was a busy day and their system went down (it happens, not their fault), so I had to wait awhile at the counter to pay, but it was really freezing in there with frigid air strongly blowing down from above (on a raw 50° day outside). I asked the team lead Vickie, if she could turn off the blower (or preferably put on some heat) since I had to stand under it at the counter for about ten minutes while waiting for the payment system to come back up. She looked at me and rudely said something like "that's the temperature I like it" and walked away. So much for caring about their customer's comfort. While I was at the counter waiting for the system to come back up, I asked the cashier, William if there was any deal on Levia soda and mentioned that I could get a case price of $3.50/can at a competing dispensary. He said no, that their price was $7.50/ can which really surprised me because almost all MA dispensaries top out at $7/can. When I got back to my car to double check their menu price, turns out they had a special of only $3.25 per individual can! (I would have bought two cases on the spot at that price, but I wasn't going back in for more bad vibes). Also, beware - the THCA label on the container I purchased was 2% lower than advertised on the online menu and at the .877 conversion to THC, the flower didn't even reach 20% THC. It's a really beautiful store. Just very disappointing service. :

    Miiz Studley
    December 23, 2023

    Brandon was very helpful and polite when checking out. The entire team is always very polite. I spoke to a few members one that helped me on the tablet, and another behind the pick up counter and even the guy who checks your IDs all very friendly and helpful. Decent prices. You can check out on the tablet but you don't have to if you prefer to order with a human. Good products and displays a lot of it.

    Lowdrag -
    May 17, 2024

    First time shopping here. Very nice and clean shop. Quick and efficient. Not the most informative budtender Ashley, unfortunately. I had an edible question looking for the best edible for me to try. She didn’t seem to have a recommendation based on experience or directed to my needs. Location is close to home so I may visit again but there’s a competitor right across the highway. I hope Ashley picked a winner for me?!?! 2nd time was a charm!!! Great experience this time. I’ll be back for sure

    April 15, 2024

    Great Selection. Prices are decent. I gave it 4 stars because you have to order by a tablet inside or online. I prefer being able to talk to the “Bud Tenders” to be able to ask their personal opinion or what they have heard from others about the particular item. I think it’s more personal, like ordering food from a waitress/waiter instead of placing your order online.

    Eastern Cannabis Company

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    7 Linehurst Rd, Malden, MA 02148, USA

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