Ayr Watertown Medical and Recreational Adult Use Cannabis Dispensary

48 N Beacon St, Watertown, MA 02472, USA

About Ayr Watertown Medical and Recreational Adult Use Cannabis Dispensary

4.5 / 5

from reviews

    Kayla Fantastic (Estrogen Molotov Cocktail)
    September 19, 2023

    easily the best dispensary in Watertown, MA. way more personal and customer based than anywhere else in town. the manager, Sara, is absolutely amazing at her job as well as every employee I've encountered there. I never leave there disappointed. 😀🥰❤️

    Joseph Cavera
    October 13, 2023

    Johannes was super helpful in explaining strains and processed my order fast! Prices here overall are much better than what we have in NJ, and given the customer service and quality, I'll definitely be back!

    October 23, 2023

    18$ for a pre roll of mid? Ripping of ppl did u guys see the size of those pre rolls ? The way they roll it too u can't even smoke it , pure shake, no flavor. Really felt played. Customer service ,info is not the best either, so many dispensaries and I've never been this disappointed, whoever manages this , prices quality and quantity is disrespect I understand the town/area Boston area but damn go somewhere else and u get 3 pre rolls for 18 and the experience, customer service is unmatched. Never again. probably works for somebody else not for me. Very upset... Keep the $ never again fellas...

    Jordan Grossman
    June 23, 2023

    Only been here a handful of times. Every single time something has either gone wrong with their systems, which makes the wait painfully long, or else they overcharge me by mistake. Today I was overcharged. Silly me should have double checked the receipt. I was overcharged $28. I expressed my dissatisfaction to the budtender when I drove all the way back and let her know about my past bad experiences. She had zero response. No sorry, no "thank you". Will not be returning. As a medical patient, there are a myriad of other dispensaries that treat their patients well.

    Spooky Boy Music
    August 27, 2023

    Female manager in blue hoodie that works in the corner HAS A TERRIBLE ATTITUDE. I have shopped here 4 times in a total of 3 separate days. The first time I was told by a worker that their deal on vapes would not be changing. It was a good experience. After this is when I experienced the bait & switch. My 2nd (& 3rd time) back was in the same day and less than 10 minutes apart. This is when I first encountered the RUDE manager in the blue hoodie. I asked her about the deal on the vapes the first worker sold me and told me would not change. Her tone was VERY short and she was unbecoming with her attitude & the way she expressed herself. She huffed and rudely told me “I dont know what you’re talking about. Our deals change ALL the time but Ive NEVER heard of THAT one.” Despite the bad vibes, the manager herself sold me a build your own ounce for $125 and 2 full gram vapes. I was able to mix a quarter oz of Kynd and 3/4 oz of Road Tripper for the price of $125. When I stepped outside to skeptically try the vapes, they were gross. Absolutely awful. I put my stuff in my car immediately went back and bought a full gram vape from Fernway. This was 1 oz flower and 3 grams of concentrate in the same day (~ 10 minutes apart). Today, the 4th time I return, I am assisted by the rude female manager in the blue hoodie that works in the corner. I tell her Im recreational. She asks what I want. I say a build your own ounce and a few full gram vapes. When I go to build the same ounce I did WITH HER BEFORE, she tells me I cannot get it for $125 as part of the order was Kynd and they now charge $165 for Kynd. I told her last time she mixed and matched me herself for $125. She tells me this deal is no longer active (more bait & switch). I tell her fine, I rebuild an ounce for $165, and pick out my 3 full gram vapes. She then tells me she’s unable to sell me the full amount due to legal restrictions. I tell her, “that’s weird, last time I was here with you, you sold me a build your own ounce and 2 vapes.” (Not to mention the other full gram vape I bought ~10 minutes after). This freaking lady then gets MAD and RUDE and tells me “this is not possible. its against the law. theres no way.” I told her “then someone broke the law. because it happened.” She acts like I am trying to get her to sell me all of the order, but I merely am telling her how SHE HERSELF MUST HAVE BROKE THE LAW LAST TIME THEN. Idiot. I then put back half the ounce. She tells me she can do a half ounce at $105 (crazy a full went from $125 to $165. How much is half of that. You do the math). At this point in time I just want to get out of there. She tried to ring the 3 full gram vapes but says I can only do 2 “by law” which, again, is hilarious seeing as how the time prior I was sold a full ounce and 3 full gram vapes - but whatever, I digress. The two vapes were $100 and $80, respectively. $180 and $105. $285. The final bill of sale comes out to about $385. For 2 full gram vapes and a half oz of flower. Pathetic. If she’s a manager and knows + follows the law, then why didn’t she say “you’re only legally allowed 1 oz” when I first gave her the order, instead of gathering everything and then last minute saying “oh wait” it really makes you wonder 🤔 either shady or stupid td;lr rude female manger that wears blue hoodie and works in the corner illegally sold me 1oz flower & 2 vapes HERSELF last time, and got RUDE when I confronted her over bait & switching prices & rules. DO NOT SHOP HERE. They will bring you in on one good deal, then next time HIKE THE PRICES and claim that deal never existed. The manager claims she knows the law, yet doesn’t follow it. I will be requesting receipts for past purchases and contacting the Massachusetts Cannabis Commission. Dont piss of customers that spend hundreds of dollars. We leave bad reviews for bad service, spread news of the bad experiences word of mouth, and take our money elsewhere to spend it.

    Ayr Watertown Medical and Recreational Adult Use Cannabis Dispensary

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    48 N Beacon St, Watertown, MA 02472, USA

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