Ascend Cannabis Dispensary – Boston

272 Friend St, Boston, MA 02114, USA

About Ascend Cannabis Dispensary – Boston

4.4 / 5

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    Mattie Be Down
    February 08, 2024

    ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE NEW OR RETURNING. NO RUSH! These guys I’m pretty pleased with. Shout out to the store manager, short hair, my apologies i forgot her name, but super kind, & let me say I am knowledgeable enough from seedling to sales to confirm she knew what she was talking about which is nice. Also shout out to Rachelle who has “dealt” with me twice. I say dealt because I’m not necessarily in a rush on days I’m picking up. I shop. She understand. Very comforting, Very cool. Definitely an asset to the Ascend brand. Great spot if you’re not so sure or want to shop around. If your kinda new, or maybe your a baby boomer who hasn’t smoked in a while and you want to really browse, not feel rushed, this is the spot: You may find cheaper depending on your flavor, but the combination of KIOSK browsing/ordering and the friendliest staff I have witnessed is pretty genius, 100% I promise you this is that spot. Out of the two places I shop minimum every 2 weeks Ascend has the best in store experience. 100% P.S If you’re reading this close to the time of this posting, the Mandarin I show in the photo is Excellent. OMG superb. Lights up your senses with taste and smell before slowing your world down a gear. A++ top shelf

    Justin Bell
    May 12, 2024

    I’m there fifteen minutes before closing on May 11,2024 and the line is from the front door to upstairs. Then I’m delighted to learn that there’s a buy four (4) x 3.5s (eighths of an ounce) sale for $64 for “Simply Herb”. It’s when I reach home I realized two of the four canisters did not contain the 3.5 they were supposed to have. One container had 1.4 and the other was 1.8. I spoke to the call center and was instructed to bring the receipt and the marijuana for an exchange at the Friends Street location but the manager made accusations and refused to exchange even after verifying the amounts were insufficient and acknowledged I was a long time customer. I’m going to another dispensary where I will not get cheated in weight.

    Dominic Dove
    October 12, 2023

    I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! enjoying a spirited conversation over the resinous aspects of gas and the brine of a pickle finished with a palate cleansing soft vanilla... Oh sorry that was the "$our diesel animal cookies" ... the only place in the city that had it.... best prices.l, great selection and a loyalty program that would have you screaming... I LOVE THIS PLACE as you walk out happily waving.... awesome spot. shhh awesome deals!!!

    A F
    December 18, 2023

    I had such a confusing two visits to this place. The first visit, on Friday 12/15, I had Rachel as my associate. She was fantastic! Super helpful, very nice, listened to my list of things I was curious about and looking for and answered all of my questions. 5 stars, no question. I went back the next day and the associate called me up to the counter, and when I gave a short explanation as to what I bought yesterday and wanted today, they told me to look at the kiosk. I told him I'd like to have an associate help me find a new kind of gummy as I'm not familiar, and he straight up said I can go to the kiosk to find something myself and he doesn't have any recommendations. I was shocked at how cold the interaction was. He then asked another associate if he had recs, he said he was busy, then said to me "go to the kiosk and I can help in a bit". I give those two fellas 0.0 stars. I feel too bad for how great the first person was, so she is why I'm not giving this spot 1 star. Y'all need to work on those two dudes, though; that was weak.

    Ian Davis
    December 07, 2023

    Honestly this is one of the the nicer dispos in boston but i am forced to leave one star due to the confusing nature of their logo, which is a downward pointed arrow. This logo would make sense if the company was called 'descend'...good flower tho

    Ascend Cannabis Dispensary – Boston

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    272 Friend St, Boston, MA 02114, USA

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