Apothca – Arlington

1386 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476, USA

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    Bree Henry
    November 26, 2023

    Selection is super limited. Mainly carry the same Apothca flower all the time. When they get other brands, it’s low testing and low terps. No point on preordering because they still bag it when you get there. Service is always polite though.

    John Ritz
    July 14, 2023

    Arrived at 7:55 and found them closed. Did you think it occurred to management here that posting an ACCURATE closing time might be helpful in avoiding angry customers. Moreover, their website does not allow changing of passwords, so i can't even order ahead. I've had it with these corporate money-grubbers and would like to see them be the first to go under in the current market glut.

    John Clark
    August 30, 2023

    Actually a pretty good spot. Best deals on concentrates around. (I don't buy flower anymore, it's actually really nice not smoking and getting twice as stoned) 40$ for 1g and depending on the deal day you can get that 10-20 percent off. Vapes on the other hand are still pricey, .5 g for 40$....some places are selling 1g for 40$. Big difference. And quality isn't much a concern with vapes. The higher the quality and pureness the worse and worse the vaping experience is. For instance if you buy the 80$ one gram vape with some special live rosin in it, your going to be breaking the vape to try and get it out and at least dab it. Much will get stuck and you will only get about 95 percent out. Something has to be added to make the vape work efficiently. And that brings down the price significantly. I'm not telling you either is healthy, but we're buying drugs right...And we are the ones testing it. So I'd rather test a 40 dollar vape than an 80 dollar one. Bring those prices down and I'll get my vapes there too!

    Laura Champagne
    September 29, 2023

    Heads above the rest! Clean, professional, organized but a laid-back experience for the client. Always my go-to spot.

    Thomas Joy (TJ)
    November 08, 2023

    Great prices and great people. Excellent selection as well. Dope buds

    Apothca – Arlington

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    1386 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476, USA

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