Cannabis Sales In Massachusetts

22 June 2022

Cannabis Sales in Massachusetts

The Cannabis Control Commission uses a seed-to-sale system to track all transactions which is clear and transparent. The data is available for everyone to view and they have an open data platform where the public can download datasets. It’s a really efficient way of measuring the sales in Massachusetts.


CCC announced their achievement on May 18, 20**2 via their official Twitter account.

A huge boost for the cannabis industry was seen on April 20th, when retailers in the state sold over $5.9 million worth of cannabis and cannabis products in one day. Officials said it marked the first legal pot holiday in history.

Massachusetts cannabis stores sold over $1 billion in 2021, the first time such a milestone has ever been achieved.

More States Celebrate Milestones


Massachusetts is not the only state that has celebrated financial success since legalizing recreational cannabis sales.

Cannabis is on the up in Illinois. The state sold 132 million dollars in legal, adult-use cannabis products, setting a new record for monthly sales. Arizona experienced something similar, with an $80million spike during March. Michigan had its highest per-month gross sales (almost $200million) over the same month and year

A variety of different state governments have legalized recreational cannabis for a number of reasons. One popular argument states the financial benefits of collecting taxes from this emerging industry. The Marijuana Policy project claims that states with legal cannabis are more profitable than ever. According to them, states collected $3.7 billion from taxes and there was a 34% increase in tax revenue from last year’s amount of $2.7 billion.


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